Three plans available with group discounts offered

Basic costs

  • One-time setup fee
  • Subscription fee paid annually

All prices in US$; payments accepted in local currency.

Optional Add-ons

  • Ecard visit data analytics
  • Print your ecard

14-day free trial

1. Setup

Setup fee includes first-time setup, downloadable QR code, and annual review of contact information.  Indicate your preferred plan, A, B, or C:

  • A. Own Card: $20
    • Upload an image of your business card
  • B. PPecard Template: $30
    • Use a PPecard template
    • Fill in the contact information
  • C. Own or Custom: price depends on details
    • $40: modify a PPemail template
    • $50: submit own template
    • $80+: develop a unique ecard

2. Subscribe

Subscription for your PPecard display page (paid annually) with a visit report as optional add-on.

  • Free trial: 14 days no charge
  • One-year subscription: $2.00/mo.
  • Two-year subscription: $1.50/mo.
  • PPemail members: $1.00/mo.
  • (optional) Report on visits to your ecard.
    • Monthly: $1/mo. 
    • Weekly: $5/mo.

3. Contact

Indicate any two (2) preferred contact methods.  Defaults are checked with phone (from front) and web link (from back).  Alter to fit your preferences and use the Comments box to indicate the arrangement.  Use Custom setup for more than two contact options.

4. Submit

Enter your contact email, check the boxes as appropriate, and submit your order.  We’ll send an email confirmation.

The next page provides options to upload materials if your plan requires.


Visit report (optional):


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