The company that promotes your professionalism without selling your privacy.


We began offering email and domain services to professional friends and family in 2004.  But with the frequency of email hacking, security breaches, and tracking for revenue, by ‘free’-mail services particularly, we developed PPemail in 2016 to open our services for any professional.  Professionals willing pay for quality service rather than accept the privacy violations, advertisement onslaught, and spam associated with ‘free’-mail.

PPemail tailors the services to professionals and defines the term broadly.  To us, professional describes a condition of action more than a state of being.   Anyone can be a professional if you work to provide services to a (professional) standard.  Standards usually develop through special training culminating in degrees or certificates, but could be learned through self-development or apprenticeships as well.  If you create valuable items/content and do more than merely ‘punch the clock’ or ‘check the box,’ you too deserve the professionalism, portability, and privacy PPemail provides.

The successful structure and customers’ needs led us to include e-cloud storage (PPecloud) and other internet services as well (PPenet).

Privacy Assurance

Our business model is to provide quality service to professionals.  Because clients pay for our services, by contract we do NOT commodify their activity.  For as long as we are in business, PPemail will

  • never scan emails, 
  • never track activity across sites, 
  • never sell your data.


Ameliour Innovation acquired PPemail in 2019.

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Ameliour Innovation, LTD

03A, 20th Floor, Prince Industrial Building

106 King Fuk Street

San Po Kong, Hong Kong

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Email to promote your professionalism without selling your privacy.

Because free never means without cost.

“Free?!  If your emails, clicks, likes, and tweets are the cost, what then is the price of your private life?”

                                         ~~M. Ehlert, Ph.D.

Whatever your career.  Wherever you take it.  PPemail goes too.

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