What is PPemail?

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With PPemail you get: 

  • a secure hub for all your professional online activities;
  • multiple email accounts for professional communication;
  • privacy & security across devices and platforms;
  • online storage and secure sharing with anyone—PPecloud;
  • domain registration, website development, and related connectivity services—PPenet;
  • services tailored to the interests of professionals.

PPemail grows easily as your career develops

  • from the beginning as a student
  • to your first position as a new professional
  • to an entrepreneurial venture.

PPemail transitions well when you

  • complete school or transfer to a new one;
  • get that promotion or change jobs altogether;
  • develop a new product, or branch into a new career;
  • need additional email addresses for assistants;
  • retire after years of service.

PPemail contractually assures clients:

  • NO scanning or tracking of emails.
  • NO tracking of online activity.
  • NO selling individual data.
  • NO surprising website cookies.

PPemail secures clients’ professional identities throughout their careers because they own the account:

  • NOT their school or company,
  • NOT Apple or Android, 
  • and, certainly, NOT Google or Microsoft or Yahoo!.

Get a PPemail account to promote your professional status without selling your privacy.


Additional Services

Services Summarised

|| PPemail

Portable identity for professional & private communication

  • multiple emails per account
  • Aliases available
  • Web and device accessible
  • SSL/TLS Security required
  • Integrated services
    • Notes
    • Calendar
    • Address Book
  • Storage capacity by Tier
  • Encryption available

|| PPecloud

Conveniently store & share your digital files

  • Online file storage
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Sync across platforms
  • Secure file sharing
  • Familiar user interface
  • Web access anywhere
  • Easily upload photos to
    • avoid extra storage fees
    • share with others
  • Specialised task lists, calendars, contacts

|| PPenet

Your network to grow

  • Add an email address
  • Register a domain
  • Develop a website
  • Link with a group
  • Flexible storage
  • Tailored customer service

Includes PPecard

  • Display a business card
  • QR code available

PPemail is a suite of essential connectivity tools tailored to professionals.

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“Free?!  If your emails, clicks, likes, and tweets are the cost, what then is the price of your private life?”

     ~~M. Ehlert, Ph.D.

Whatever your career.  Wherever you take it.  PPemail goes too.

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