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  Mon, 24 Jan 2022

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Welcome to PPemail

Hello! Jo-san! Bonjour!

Welcome! You’ve made an excellent choice joining PPemail.  Your professional portable email account awaits you.  As a member you can now conveniently

  • maintain contact with colleagues throughout your career;
  • store and share documents online;
  • connect with professional organisations;
  • receive guidance on professional use of electronic devices and media;

and all without compromising your professionalism or privacy.  Brilliant!  

Thanks for trusting PPemail.  Remember to make payment before end of the free trial.  You’ll receive 13 months for the annual price.


The overview below describes the general structure.  Detailed instructions for various devices and platforms are available through the PPe Workshops and Seminars.

Our Domains

PPemail is the primary domain for Ameliour Innovations, LTD.  We use the following domains for communications:

  • ppemail.net/pro/ca
  • ameiliour.net (hosting server)
  • ameliourinnovations.com (company domain)
  • yourdomain.name (for purchased domains)

PPemail Primary Account

  • Using any connected device, open the email sent to the address provided during registration.  It will be from “cPanel on ppemail.net” (or your specific domain).
  • At the Webmail login window, set a secure passcode.

PPecloud Account (ppecloud.net)

  • Invitation sent to PPemail account inbox.
  • Access PPEcloud login window via a web browser.
  • Set a secure passcode (can be different from PPemail)

PPenet Account

  • Request login (sent to PPemail account inbox).
  • Access PPEnet login window via a web browser.
  • Set a secure passcode (can be different from PPemail)

Access Accounts

You may access services in multiple ways.

  • Use the web browser on any connected device.
  • Sync preferred devices (desktop, mobile, etc.) using specific applications (mail, calendar, files, etc).
  • Different process for desktop and mobile devices.

Next Steps

  • 1. Recommendations and Setup Overiew (see “Next” tab).

Welcome, and thanks again.  

Please contact us with any questions.

Whatever your career.  Wherever you take it.  PPemail goes too.

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