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PPemail includes a professional email address and your hub for digital communication.

|| PPemail

Portable identity for professional & private communication

  • multiple emails per account
  • Aliases available
  • Web and device accessible
  • SSL/TLS Security required
  • Integrated services
    • Notes
    • Calendar
    • Address Book
  • Storage capacity by Tier
  • Encryption available

PPeweb for Webmail access to your emails.


As well as your digital communication hub, PPemail provides an email address for your professional communication.  Membership gives you:

  • features tailored to a professional’s needs with privacy as a given
    • no commodification
    • SSL/TLS required
    • strong passcodes (more descript than “passwords”) required
  • multiple email addresses for full members
    • main address for person-to-person 
    • @sub.ppemail.net for subscriptions & logins
    • familiar syncing across devices & platforms,
    • files accessible across location and time
  • PPeweb: web access to Inbox, mailbox preferences, Notes, Calendar, Address Book, & Tasks (via cPanel’s Webmail).


Your career is bigger than your present employment and surely will evolve beyond your current position, even into retirement.  Establish a PPemail account to control your professional identity.  Then, your email address

  • is under your control not the school, company, or Internet provider;
  • avoids the liabilities of  'free’-mail;
  • anticipates career evolution (highly likely in the gig economy);
  • keeps connections with valued colleagues;
  • reduces vulnerability to illegal & legal* access.


Create a PPemail account (select the “Create Your ID” button) then use your email address

  • as your primary person-to-person email (reduce junk mail)
  • to securely & privately communicate with colleagues
  • as an enduring contact on your resume, cards, publications
  • to store and share professional address books and calendars
  • to archive priority messages off-site
  • for subscription and membership logins (@sub…)

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“Free?!  If your emails, clicks, likes, and tweets are the cost, what then is the price of your private life?”

     ~~M. Ehlert, Ph.D.

Whatever your career.  Wherever you take it.  PPemail goes too.

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