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Rely on PPenet throughout your career to manage and grow your online presence.

|| PPenet

Your network to grow

  • Add an email address
  • Register a domain
  • Develop a website
  • Link with a group
  • Flexible storage
  • Tailored customer service

Includes PPecard

  • Display a business card
  • QR code available for easy sharing


PPemail accommodates as well as facilitates your professional growth through PPenet.  PPenet is the professional’s network for all things digital.  We assist when you need

  • additional emails (for yourself or assistants),
  • a domain name,
  • emails managed on a new domain,
  • online data storage,
  • a website,
  • and many other IT needs.

PPecard is included to securely display contact information online.


In the digital age, every successful venture requires an online presence, from email accounts, to online storage, to domain names, to an overall internet presence.  And the process is daunting:

  • What is a secure email for my assistant or employee?
  • How can I get my business securely online?
    • Can I display my contact info without getting spam?
  • Are Google Drive and DropBox sensible for a professional?
    • What are their privacy policies?
  • How do I purchase a domain?
    • What is a good domain for me?
    • With so many new TLDs, which one should I use?
    • How do I obtain an SSL Certificate?
    • Do I need a hosting account?
  • How do I publish a website?
    • Should I design it myself?
    • What are the new privacy rules?
    • Are cookies required, and how do I disclose?
    • What if my customers are in different countries?


We’ll guide you through all the IT decisions, freeing you to focus more on building your venture.  See our price list for an estimate.  Contact us for a competitively priced package tailored to your specific needs.

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“Free?!  If your emails, clicks, likes, and tweets are the cost, what then is the price of your private life?”

     ~~M. Ehlert, Ph.D.

Whatever your career.  Wherever you take it.  PPemail goes too.

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