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Conveniently store & share your digital files

  • Online file storage
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Sync across platforms
  • Secure file sharing
  • Familiar user interface
  • Web access anywhere
  • Easily upload photos to
    • avoid extra storage fees
    • share with others
  • Specialised task lists, calendars, contacts

PPecloud for secure online files included free with membership.


PPemail developed PPecloud for all members to securely store and share documents without obtrusive ads or questionable privacy agreements.  PPecloud uses Nextcloud’s trusted products and guarantees no scanning or tracking what is shared or with whom.  Use PPEcloud to

  • store key files, backups, and archives
  • conveniently sync files across devices and platforms
  • store photos & videos
    • no need to pay extra-device storage fees
  • securely share files with others
  • create upload folder(s) to securely receive files


In the digital world, especially, professionals need ready access to their files across

  • multiple devices (desktop, laptop, mobile);
  • different platforms (PC, Mac, Linux);
  • and various locations (office, home, hotel).

The files need to be securely shareable, too, with colleagues, clients, or whomever.

Professionals can use the ‘free’ sites but suffer compromised credibility and lessened professional trust.  Most the free sites earn money from advertisements, scanning files for targeting advertisement, or selling usage data to third parties.  Don’t believe us, read their Terms of Service to see their (lack of) privacy policies.  Also, visit the independent analyses sites for reviews, linked here for your convenience.


Create your account with PPemail (use “Create Your ID” button) and you’ll receive an account on PPecloud too.  We provide specific instructions.   Direct your browser to ppecloud.net to login.

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“Free?!  If your emails, clicks, likes, and tweets are the cost, what then is the price of your private life?”

     ~~M. Ehlert, Ph.D.

Whatever your career.  Wherever you take it.  PPemail goes too.

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