Promote your professionalism without selling your privacy.

Services include email, cloud storage, and networking.


Why PPemail?

Because its better than ‘free’-mail to…

Your email is your professional identity.  Show you

  • value security more than ‘free’-mail,
  • expect hard work for services,
  • respect others’ privacy,
  • paid for a professional standard.

Promote your professionalism

Your data not Big Tech’s

  • No scanned emails
  • No tracked clicks
  • No selling your data

Your data, your privacy, by contract.

Secure your privacy

One professional identity throughout

  • from training or grad school
  • to a first position
  • and into retirement.

Your identity, not the company or school.

Control your identity

All your professional online needs

  • email, notes, calendar, contacts, 
  • file storage, document sharing, 
  • domain registration, SSL certificates
  • website development, design, hosting

Unify your online presence

Email Suite

Privacy & security by contract

  • No commodification, no mining, no tracking
  • SSL/TLS required
  • End-to-end encryption available

Multiple addresses for full members

  • Main address for person-to-person
  • for subscriptions & logins
  • Aliases available

POP3, IMAP, & SMTP syncing across

  • devices & platforms
  • location & time

Web access to

  • Email & Contacts & Notes
  • Calendar & Reminders
  • via PPeweb

Canadians: available

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Communication hub & professional email account

Cloud Storage

Memberships include PPecloud for convenient and secure storage and sharing of digital files including

  • documents (.txt, .pdf, .doc, .xls, etc.)
  • photos & media
    • save the costs of extra-device storage

Easily store and share files

  • across all major platforms
  • access from any connected location
  • today, tomorrow, or any time

We use NextCloud to provide highly secure online file management with additional applications available to control notes, calendars, tasks, contacts, and more.

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Secure online storage and sharing 

Internet Status

Being online, securely, is vital in the gig economy.  PPenet facilitates developing and expanding your online presence whenever and wherever needed throughout your career.  In the digital age, every successful venture must connect online.

We can assist to 

  • purchase a domain name
  • manage emails on a new domain
  • develop a website
  • securely display your business contact at PPecard

While the “free” sites commodify your data, PPenet assures no mining, no selling of client data.  Your money.  Your data.  By contract.

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Develop your online presence

What is PPemail?

A suite of online communication services that advertises your professionalism without selling your privacy.

Pricing by Tiers

(All prices in US dollars.)


For new or in transition

  • 2 @ppemail addresses
    • TLD at .NET or .PRO
  • 1 @sub.ppemail…
  • 5 GB storage capacity
  • $15 Lifetime membership
    • Waived on 3-year enrol
  • Chat & email support


paid annually


For those established

  • 4 regular emails
    • TLD at .NET or .PRO
  • 1 @sub.ppemail…
  • 10 GB storage capacity
  • $15 Lifetime membership
    • Waived on 2-year enrol
  • Premium support


paid annually


For those in training

  • 1 address on ppemail.NET
  • 1 GB storage capacity
  • Limited membership
    • $5/yr
    • 3 year limit
  • Email support


paid annually

Promote your professionalism without selling your privacy.


Compliments from clients

I’ve used PPemail’s email, ecloud, and domain hosting for more than 5 years.  Their services are reliable, professional, and secure.  I am really happy on that.

E.L., Owner,

Smartiff International, LTD

I've used PPemail's services for many years.  From schooling to management positions, I appreciate having one professional account to take wherever my career goes.

B.E., Systems analyst for animal research

As an established professional, I need my email address to show it.  My boss doesn’t need to know I’m exploring options and ‘Gmail’ devalues my status.  PPemail works well for me.

M.L., Data analyst for

financial services

Organisations with similar values.

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Privacy is a universal human right.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Everyone has the right of a secure communication.

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…on a mission to protect your privacy online.

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