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  Sun, 13 Feb 2022

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Quick Start

The Quick Start guide is best for those who have some experience with syncing devices and servers.  If these instructions seem foreign, visit the device-specific tutorials available through the Seminar Room.

PPeweb (Webmail)

PPeweb icon links to (cPanel) Webmail login page.  There you control the email account settings including setting password (we use passcode to be more descriptive), contact information, and other preferences.


  • Enter your full PPemail address
  • Enter your current passcode
    • If you have not set your passcode, check the Inbox of your email address submitted during registration.
  • Upon login, look for the PPeweb logo (top left)
    • Landing page is “cPanel Webmail Home”
    • see links to features/settings
    • Access settings also via drop down menu (upper right)


  • Set/Reset PPemail passcode
    • Select “Password & Security”
    • Enter and confirm new passcode
    • Use the Password Generator or cancel


  • Set PPemail preferences
  • Contact information (essential)
  • Enter/Confirm second email
    • Set as you please
    • Auto Responders, Filters, Forwarders, etc.


  • Access PPemail inbox using roundcube or horde
    • Select on personal preferences and device
    • See descriptions & reviews linked from images
  • Reply to "Welcome to PPEmail" to confirm setup
  • Notice other emails for later use

Sync PPemail Server

To conveniently and securely access PPemail account, sync personal devices with PPemail servers.  Various apps can be used and each app has its specific process.  Below describe general procedures for manual and auto configuration.

From Inbox

  • Open email with subject "Client configuration settings…”
    • The email gives specifics for your account.
    • Generic example provided in image.
  • Open preferred email app to manually enter settings
    • Use secure SSL/TLS settings with authentication
  • For Mac devices, download files to run autoconfig scripts 
    • email (Notes included)
    • calendar (Tasks included)
    • contacts
  • For Other devices, select the preferred email app
    • Enter the information as needed
  • Repeat process to sync other services
    • Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, etc.

From PPeweb (Webmail Home)

  • On a specific device, access PPeweb via web browser
    • For easy login, add a quick link to PPeweb login page on your Home screen (process depends on browser).
  • Login and use either method
    • a. Select text "Automatically configure my device” 
      • Next page: select “Protocol” for device 
      • Follow instructions
    • b. Email scripts to a specific device
      • Select device type, enter the email address, send
      • Open the email and follow instructions

PPecloud Server

Access PPecloud using any connected web browser, the Nextcloud app, or other protocols (e.g., Web disk, FTP).  Web browser access is quick and easy, but the Nextcloud apps conveniently syncs files across your devices.  General instructions follow below.

Web Browser Access

  • Open PPecloud invitation in your PPemail inbox.
  • “Set your password” opens PPecloud in web browser
    • Follow instructions to set password
    • Use your User Name or full ppemail address
  • Access PPEcloud anytime via a web browser.
    • Watch the brief introduction (available at You>About).
    • Set preferences for the icon, background, etc.
  • Upload/share files using web browser on any device

Nextcloud App

  • Login to PPecloud
  • Go to PPecloud>Own Icon>Settings
  • Download Nextcloud application for your device(s)
  • Follow instructions to sync device with PPecloud
    • Server address “https://ppecloud.net”
    • Web browser used initially to link your files.

Remember, most computer problems result from ‘input error;’ enter each response carefully.  Detailed instructions provided in Workshops and we are only a message away to assist.

Next Steps (Next tab)

  • Go to the Workshop for detailed guidance.

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