Top-level Domain Options

Top-level Domain Options

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  • Which TLD?
  • Familiar, unique, location
    • .net = network
    • .pro = professional
    • .ca = Canada


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  Sun, 20 Feb 2022

  First Pub.: October 2016

Which top-level domain?

Each domain name is required to end with a designated ‘top-level domain’ (TLD), the letters to the right of the last ‘dot.’  Originally, TLDs were relatively few (.edu, org, .net, .com) but have expanded over the years, and continue to do so.  Following describes some aspects of .net and .pro for consideration in determining a professional e-address.  And .ca is now available for those associated with Canada.

Familiarity, uniqueness, or location

Selection probably comes down to preference for the familiar,  the unique, or the location.  For many, .net may be the best option because it is familiar.  It was the fourth most popular TLD, according to Wikipedia (2015).  However, the uniqueness of .pro has attraction too, and provides some prestige since it was originally developed to distinguish professionals from others.  Until recently, .pro required special application but it is now a generic TLD.  Also available is .ca for those associated with Canada.

As a gTLD, .net fits professionals because it is agnostic toward one’s purpose while .pro and .ca work too emphasising the accomplishment or nationality.  Other gTLDs have other purposes:

  • .com is for commercial enterprises
  • .org is for organisations
  • .edu is for education

.net represents ‘network’

  • PPemail uses network in the personal-to-person sense (not a computer’s). A network is determined by the context, and in this case a Portable Professional Email network–ppemail.net.

.pro represents ‘professional’

  • A professional is one who demonstrates performing to a standard.  Emphasise your professionalism with ppemail.pro.

.ca represents Canada

  • Each country has its unique TLD and ppemail.ca emphasises a professional’s association with Canada.

Emphasise your professionalism

All three of our TLDs fit professionals better than .com.  Professionals perform to standards that create income; the commerce follows from meeting those standards.

Display your professionalism beginning with your email address.  Create yours with PPemail.

Whatever your career.  Wherever you take it.  PPemail goes too.

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