What's in an email address?

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What's in an email address?

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  Wed, 5 Jan 2022

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Could be everything

Your email can be the first, sometimes only, thing seen by colleagues.  And in our digital world, your email address often becomes a professional identification because it is more permanent than your school, employer, phone number, or physical address.

The Ubiquitous ‘@‘

The email address has two main elements: The domain name (the element after the ‘@‘) shows the ‘where’ while the local ID (the element before the ‘@‘) shows the ‘you’.

PPemail has the professional domain covered.  Select the top-level domain—.net or .pro or .ca (for Canadians)—and then create your local ID.  PPenet can register your own domain too, if you prefer.

Professional IDs

Classic forms of professional IDs include

  • lastname.firstname@urmail.pro (executive)
  • fmlastname@urmail.net (academia)
  • firstname_lastname@urmail.net (business)
  • first.last@urmail.ca (for associations with Canada)

Sometimes a position makes a better ‘you’, particularly for shared and impermanent addresses.

  • owner@mycompany.com
  • help_desk@urmail.pro
  • accounts@urmail.net

But the local ID can be almost any name/number combination, including basic symbols:

  • whatever/fits.$professional_ID!100@ppemail.net.

And, finally, while the e-address can include UPPER and lower case, most email servers ignore case and render 

  • MyName@EXAmple.PRO 

the same as

  • myname@example.pro.


Be selective.  We suggest you keep the local ID simple using some combination of your name.  Also important to create one unlikely to change even if your name changes (e.g., marital status).  Go HERE for (too many) legitimate and (some funny) illegitimate examples.

What does your.name12345@gmail.com suggest about you?  Don’t find out.  Create a professional ID with PPemail now; keep it for your career.

Whatever your career.  Wherever you take it.  PPemail goes too.

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