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  Thu, 27 Jan 2022

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Setup Overview


  • Sync only personally owned devices (e.g., NOT an employer’s) with the PPemail and PPecloud servers.
  • If you ever have trouble syncing a device, use your web browser to:
    • Login to PPeweb (Webmail) to check the email server.
    • Login to PPecloud to check the file server.
    • Contact us if you cannot login.
  • Add the PPenet Icon to each device’s Home Screen for quick access to your login pages.
  • Share PPemail with your colleagues to receive discounts when they join.  We’ve made it easy:
    • Forward the message in your Inbox.
    • Add our “Professional Courtesy Advert” to your email signature.

Getting Started

Following are the basic steps to get started.  Many of the processes are automated, with detailed instructions for services, devices, and platforms linked via the tabs.  We suggest you work on one step until completed then proceed to the next.

PPeweb is cPanel Webmail (Required)

  • 1. Look in the inbox of the email address provided during registration.
    • Open email from “cPanel on ameliour.net”
    • Use the link in the email to set your password
    • Read the tutorial on secure passcodes
  • 2. Login to PPemail Webmail using the new passcode. 
    • Look for the PPeweb logo (top left).
    • Select “Contact Information,” enter a second email address (used to reset access).
    • Set other account preferences (now or later).
    • Notice the options to sync devices.
    • Access Webmail anytime via a web browser.
  • 3. Select the roundcube image (or switch to horde) to access the PPemail Webmail Inbox.
    • Locate and openWelcome to ppemail.net! Setup Confirmed” to send a reply.
    • Notice other emails from PPemail (for now or later).
    • Open the PPecloud email (see next).

Webmail is active and functional now.  See below for overview to sync devices.

PPecloud Account (Required for file storage)

  • 1. Use link from PPecloud to set a secure password.
    • Open invitation in your PPemail inbox.
    • Select “Set your password.”
    • User name is noted, or use full ppemail address.
    • Access PPEcloud anytime via a web browser.
  • 2. After setting the passcode, enter username to login.
    • Watch the brief introduction (available at Icon>About).
    • Set preferences for the icon, background, etc.
    • Note the option to load Nextcloud app on your device(s) and sync files.

PPecloud is active and functional now. See below for overview to sync devices.

Sync Devices (Recommended for personal devices)

To conveniently and securely access accounts, you may sync devices with PPemail and PPecloud servers.

  • Sync PPemail with device apps
    • See server details in a message in the PPemail inbox.
    • Can sync Mail, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks.
    • Automatic scripts are attached to the email and available on the PPemail Webmail Main page.
  • Sync PPecloud with device apps
    • See instructions at PPecloud>”Own Icon”>Settings.
    • Download Nextcloud application for your device(s).
    • Can sync various device-specific applications.
  • Repeat on other devices.
    • Setup goes faster with practice.
    • Detailed instructions provided in Workshops.
    • We are only a message away to assist.

Remember, most computer problems result from ‘input error;’ enter each response carefully.

Next Steps

See tabs below.

  • Most members: go to the Workshop.
  • Experienced members: use Quick Start.

Whatever your career.  Wherever you take it.  PPemail goes too.

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