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  Sun, 27 Mar 2022



Syncing email on specific devices

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Syncing email on specific devices

This seminar details the process to transfer (“sync”) email data from the PPemail server to your device.  It provides links to detailed, step-by-step instructions from our partner organisations, Namecheap and cPanel.  (Look for other seminars for different applications.)

Syncing Accounts (in general)

Making material accessible from multiple devices is straightforward but initial setup requires specific steps.  Important terms include server and client.

  • Server: the ‘remote’ device holding the data to sync
    • a computer accessible over the internet
    • also called Host but used interchangeably here
  • Client: the ‘local’ device to receive the data
    • a smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet

To sync information between server and client, set a specific application on a device to contact the server.  The application could be an email browser, a note program, a calendar, an address book, or others of interest.  Regardless the application, the general process is similar:

  • 1) select the application;
  • 2) access the Settings function;
  • 3) carefully enter your specific ppemail information;
  • 4) confirm your client device syncs with the server.

Autoconfig routines

PPeweb provides automatic setup routines for many popular devices, included with the “Client configuration” email and available on the PPeweb cPanel home page (see Quick Start).  When used, the Profile configuration controls the setup and may prevent manual updates.  To change server settings, re-run the updated autoconfig.

PPemail Mail Client Settings

PPemail hosts our various domains on an email server accessible at mail.ppemail.net with the root server named ameliour.net (you may receive messages from this address occasionally).  Login to PPeweb>cP Webmail Home for your specific information.

On the client program for most, the following information is entered:

  • Username: your e-mail address 
  • Password: the password for PPeweb
  • Incoming server/outgoing server name
    • mail.ppemail.net (use your server)
  • Incoming server: (IMAP or POP3)
    • IMAP: 993 port for SSL, 143 for TLS
      • Sync actions across all devices
    • POP3: 995 port for SSL, 110 for TLS
      • Actions unique to each device
  • Outgoing server
    • SMTP: 465 port for SSL, 25/587 port for TLS
    • Outgoing server authentication should be switched on
    • Disable secure password authentication (SPA)

Instructions for specific devices

  • Use the settings noted in your Welcome email 
  • Direct links to popular devices are below.
  • See list of all instructions by Namecheap (linked from image).
    • Look for “cPanel email account…” for your device. 
    • Follow the instructions for a ‘cousin’ device if your specific device is not listed.
  • Contact us whenever needed.

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